The plugin is used to export the list of available procedures for the given ABB VWKS update package.

The VWKS update package is delivered as a regular file with the rspak file extension.
This file is a regular ZIP file with many other compressed files in the subdirectories.
The plugin is recursively uncompressing files and scanning all subdirectories for procedures' definitions in all files except MMC.CFG.
In the plugin window the user can select a single update package file or select a directory containing package dependencies for scanning.
Additional options are used to export all procedures' definitions or only motion procedures' definitions.
The motion procedure contains in the arguments' list at least one occurrence of argument with robtarget or jointarget data type.

It can happen that certain procedure is defined several times in different files.
After scanning, the plugin will show a pop up message with multiple definitions for the same procedure name if the list of arguments are not equal.
The user has to choose the declaration that will be exported.
Only one procedure definition with unique name is allowed in the exported file.
The plugin does not allow for procedure overloading like for example C++.