KRC-2-VKRC Converter

The KRC-2-VKRC Converter is used to convert KRC programs to the VKRC programs.

Only the KRC motion points and comments will be converted to the suitable VKRC commands.
The user can select the output directory where VKRC files will be saved.
If the file already exists in the directory it will be automaticaly overwritten.
The user can select VKRC file type for converted files - UP or Folge.
All new UP and Folge programs are numbered from 1.

Before converting the user should select appropriate VW TP version.

For all motion points the plugin can calculate point coordinates for the given tool and base or keep the original point coordinates.
This is possible only if the complete robot archive is available.
For KRC motion with axis positions the plugin automaticaly calculates corresponding VKRC cartesian position.

The user can add single or multiple files to the file list or search for *.src files in the given directory recursively.