HASP Driver Installation

How to install the HASP driver for Robot Studio

License key for DrAmaT Robot Studio are based on SafeNet Sentinel HL technology.
The specific HASP driver needs to be installed on the system in order to make the license key available to DReS editor.
This document attempts to explain how to install the HASP driver on Windows systems.

HASP driver for Windows systems

To be able to install the HASP driver you need administrative permissions. If you don't have these on the system, please ask your system administrator to install the HASP driver for you.

Download the latest specific HASP driver for Windows from our download area or Sentinel download page. As an example we chose GUI Run-time Installer. After installation the following website should be available on the system: http://localhost:1947.

All your available license keys connected to the computer will be shown on the following page.