VKRC 8.3.x

From the new VKRC Software version 8.3.x some of the user commands have benn changed and some have been newly included.

For example the user can now use the new glue motion point KPTP.

KPTP VB=100% Genau=0[mm] ACC=100% RobWzg=0 Base=0 SPSTrig=0[1/100s] P

Also VW user command has now additional parameters.

Tech command call for the welding point is the same.
Tech_ EZSP Zange = Nr1 ProgNr = 99 Offset = 0 [1/10 mm] Weg = 0 [1/10 mm] S-Punkt = 4889 Fzg-Typ = 2 EIN

but in the background we can see some source changes

v. >= 8.3.x
Tech_.EZSP CN=101 P1=10 P2=99 P3=0 P4=0 P5=4889 P6=2 P7=0 P8=0 P9=0 P10=EIN

v. < 8.3.x
Tech_.EZSP P1=10 P2=99 P3=0 P4=0 P5=4889 P6=2 P7=EIN P8=101

The new plugin contains many other changes that occured in the background of the program and are not visible at the first time.
We still recommend to use Manual upgrade option on Kuka to upload any new programs to the robot.