VKRC Basic functionalities
By clicking the right's mouse button on the opened VKRC program the user gets fast access to many usefull options and shortcuts.
Below we described some of most helpfull shortcuts.

» Over the motion point's context menu the user can access some usefull point's actions.

  • Cut - current selected text (simple text, points, comments, subfolds). The key shortcut is Ctrl + X.
  • Copy - current selected text. The key shortcut is Ctrl + C.
  • Paste - paste the text from clipboard. You can copy and paste the text between two files in one session and from opened DReS instance to another one. The key shortcut is Ctrl + V.

  • Select all - select the entire text in editor.

  • Remove viewer - remove VKRC viewer for current file and display the source text for src file.

  • Check full syntax - check if the current program syntax is correct, e.g.: if the variable name and range do not exceed allowed range, command's order, jumps and labels etc...
  • Paste VW doc text - paste the text that was copied from VW Standard Documentation. All line numbers from the text in clipboard in format 1: at the beginning of each text line and all comments, e.g.: ~ Schutzgitter gesperrt at the end of the text line will be removed automatically.

  • Edit point - open point editor widget for the text line under the mouse cursor. Go to reference documentation for more details.
  • Copy point coordiantes - copy point's coordiantes to the clipboard. You can copy and assign point's coordiantes between different files and DReS instances.
  • Assign coordiantes to point - assign point's coordiantes to the point under mouse cursor.

» If you popup context menu for a variable you will have the acces to following options.

  • Change variable - changes automatically variable name in all opened files.
    The user can change single variable name or even called makro name.

  • » If you press the Ctrl button and move the mouse cursor over merker you can go to the place where this variable is defined.
    Just press the left mouse button now. If you do the same for the makro call you can jump into that makro.


    If you popup context menu for an item in a file tree you can close the file or close everything, except for the one that you want to leave open.
    You can also open system file explorer with the location where this file exists.

    If you double click the file item on the file tree you can change a file comment.
    This change will take affect if you save the file.

    If you press the line number on margin left you can easily select the whole text line.

    By clicking on black or white triangle you can open or close chosen fold.
    If you do the same with pressed Ctrl button you will open or close all folds in the current program.
    We defined also shortuct to fire this action - Ctrl + Q.

    For selected point in point tree table you can easily copy and assign the point's coordiantes.