Set the Genau parameter for all glue points

In the menu choose VKRC → VASS Standard 22.0 plugin.
This plugin checks the VASS Standard and for the KLIN points where the Genau parameter is not 20% of the VB displays an image on the margin left .

Now click double on this image...
You will be asked to change all syntax warnings marked with this icon.

In the figure below you can see all glue points after changes.

The plugin checks many things. To enable / disable given syntax rules go to Menu → Settings → Plugins and for the VASS Standard Plugin click on the Settings button.
If you want to check only one specified rule unselect all and check only one, and press OK button to apply changes.
Now the plugin will check and display the blue icon only for this one rule.
Please refer to the syntax warnings for more details.