How to setup HASP network license system

How to setup HASP network license system

This document attempts to explain how to setup a HASP network license system for DrAmaT Robot Studio.

Basic principle

One system in the network contains a Sentinel HL network license key that can be used by all systems in the network. The system that contains the license key is called the license server. Systems using the network license key are called client systems. The license server may also act as a client system.

The license server manages, tracks and registers network license usage. Updates to network licenses are installed on the license server only.

Communication of license information between license server and client is done by the HASP driver. This driver needs to be installed and configured both on the license server and the clients for the system to work. Additionally, the firewall on the license server and client system needs to be configured to allow license information exchange between license server and client in both directions.

Select your license server carefully. If the license server is not available, the client systems will not be able to use all functionalities of our DReS editor. Don't use the PC you work on as license server because the license server will become unavailable to other users/client systems when you turn off the PC.

Tasks to be performed

The following tasks need to be performed to get a network license up and running.

Tasks on the license server:

Tasks on the client system:

Additional information

Please note that the default configuration of the HASP driver allows the use of network license keys on client systems in the same subnet as the license server.

For help configuring the firewall please contact your system administrator. For help installing and configuring the HASP driver refer to the links below.