Update License Key

Remote Update at End-User Site

We provide a simple and secure method of updating our license key remotely.

In our software some features are protected by different licenses other ones are delivered free of charge. You can decide which features should be activated on the day of purchase or activate it later.

In order to be able to use protected features in our software you need to update your license key.

Firstly, we need to receive a C2V (customer-to-vendor) file. C2V files have a .c2v extension and contain information on the licensing and memory content of the Sentinel protection key.

We will create a new update key for the product that you choose and deliver V2C (vendor-to-customer) file with the license update. After you attach V2C to your Sentinel protection key the new features will be activated.

Here you can find how to create C2V file and install V2C file.