Plugin main window

The ABB WPS extension is used to assign welding points' parameters from A33 sheet or customized one from the comment above the point, to the welding command.
The plugin can compare X, Y and Z points' coordinates with the coordinates in the A33 sheet with the given distance tolerance.

To localize the welding command in processed file the plugin uses regular expression pattern.
Each welding command starts with the specific keyword: RZ_PTP, RZ_LIN, RZ_PTP_DZ, RZ_LIN_DZ, KE_PTP, KE_LIN, STP_PTP, STP_LIN.
Afterwards specific welding parameters are definied: point name - the same like robtarget variable, car type and welding index.

Welding command example

LOCAL CONST robtarget P5NA_831_305_A_VEE_VE_000_001_A__PS_0003:=[[486.0,-776.0,756.0],[0.725197,0.683794,0.054966,-0.059102],[0,1,-1,1],[9e+09,30,9e+09,9e+09,9e+09,9e+09]];
robtarget variable with point coordinates

The regular expression pattern has to be set in the editor global settings for the Welding point reader.
This pattern contains three mandatory named capturing groups:
An example pattern might look like follow:

((RZ_(PTP|LIN)(_DZ)?)|(KE_(PTP|LIN))|(STP_(PTP_LIN))) \s+ (?<name>[^,\s]+) \s*,\s* (?<fzg>[^,\s]+) \s*,\s* (?<index>[^,\s]+)

Welding point reader global settings