Fanuc Technology commands
Sometimes during working with different version of VW User for Fanuc robots some syntax warning for technology command can occur.
This is because our editor informs user about possible but not unavoidable syntax's problem.

In the picture below you can see that for the current edited technology command for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd parameters NO arguments are given.

But when we check the syntax or just try to save the file some syntax warning occurs.
This happens because the command definition in VW User file is not completely correct.

This behaviour can be changed. The user can enable or disable showing the warning message.

Below you can see the source code of VW User file with the full definition of technology command for

CALL VW_USER(TECH3,Prozessgeraet,,,,Gesamt-FM,,,Techaufruf=ON) ;

For the 1st parameter we just start the enumeration with option Handling and so one...
For the 2nd parameter we just start the enumeration with option Steuerung-1 and so one...
And for the 3rd parameter we just start the enumeration with option Zange-Nr1 and so one...

But if we ommit to write ANY value for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd parameter the editor shows warning.
This is becouse the present definition of all available values for given parameter does not allow to leave it without any value - the parameter can not be just empty string.

To fix it we need to modify the VW User file.
In the picture below you can see that the text " ":'0' defines a value for the parameter that can be left empty.
After this change the editor will not show any warning.

Some programmers have reported that if no value is given for a certain parameters during upload off-line program to the robot, the new Fanuc controller 30iB+ overwrites an empty values with neighbor parameter value.
For example in the picture below we can see that for T_Offset and Weg no values are given.

Robot controller during uploading program automatically changed the value of an empty parameters without any warning what is very dangerous.
In this case the empty value for T_Offset was replaced with value 111 what means that during movement robot will set an offset for point 111 mm what can cause a crash!
To avoid this behaviour we highly recommend to uncheck Allow empty parameter value option and set 0 as Default P value.

This will insert missing default parameter while editing command.

This syntax check has a special purpose.
Our editor wants to prevent omitting important parameters in any technology command.
If you don't want to modify any VW User file and you are sure that the technology command is correct just ignore the message.
We just want to help a less experienced programmer with very complex VASS standard...